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Wrongful Termination Prevention Program (eLearning Module)

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An interactive eLearning guide to help employers avoid costly wrongful termination claims and comply with the latest EEOC guidance on retaliation.
Wrongful Termination Prevention Program (eLearning Module)

A wrongful termination may occur when an employee who has been terminated is in a protected class, feels that their rights have been violated, or believes that they were terminated for exercising their rights under various labor laws.  

One-third of all employment-related lawsuits involve allegations of wrongful termination.  Recent studies show that companies lose more than 60% of all wrongful termination charges and the average jury award in these cases is $600,000.   According to the latest EEOC enforcement statistics, retaliation continues to be the most frequently filed charge with the agency.  Fortunately, wrongful termination can be mitigated when employers understand the laws and regulations that govern the employment relationship and learn to recognize potential triggers of unlawful decisions. 

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Features & Benefits Include:

  • An interactive Wrongful Termination Prevention Program eLearning module
  • A downloadable all-in-one plain language Wrongful Termination Prevention Guide (in a digital flip-book format), featuring attorney legal briefs
  • A digital Anti-Retaliation Laws Applicability checklist
  • A digital Employee Separation Checklist Form
  • A digital Performance Improvement Plan Form


The program is designed to employers:

  • Understand the laws that prohibit wrongful termination
  • Implement workplace polices that support smart hiring and performance management practices
  • Execute a thorough documentation process to defend against wrongful termination claims
  • Develop termination procedures that protect against missteps
  • Avoid common legal issues


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