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Employer Notification Subscription

In addition to posting all required state & federal labor law postings and keeping them up-to-date, businesses must comply with wage & hour laws, OSHA safety regulations, and/or HIPAA privacy and security requirements. Our Employer Notification Subscription (ENS) expands upon our Compliance Service Subscription to include a series of attorney-reviewed posters designed to demonstrate good-faith compliance with the laws and regulations that carry the biggest risk of fines and lawsuits. Subscribers receive a full year of uninterrupted coverage under our $45,000 "We Pay the Fine" Reimbursement Guarantee, automatic updates for your all-on-one labor law poster and attorney-reviewed lawsuit prevention posters, access to downloadable guides and resources, quarterly in-depth newsletters, monthly e-newsletters, and more.

With your valid email address, you are also enrolled in our Subscriber Advantage Program, allowing you to receive free guides, checklists, and webinar invitations throughout the year, all devoted to helping you stay compliant all year round.
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