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Workplace Compliance Checklists Bundle (Digital)

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A bundle of six multi-use self-audit and self-inspection checklists addressing the major HR & OSHA compliance risks affecting businesses.
Workplace Compliance Checklists Bundle (Digital)

These attorney-reviewed checklists are designed to help employers properly complete various important compliance processes as part of their normal business operations.  State & federal employment laws require employers to perform a variety of repeated procedures, assessments, inspections, and audits to ensure ongoing compliance.  These obligations range from making key decisions during the new hire process to making sure that the workplace is free of recognized safety hazards. 

Key processes include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Providing required forms and notices to new hires
  • Determining if a worker is exempt or non-exempt from overtime pay
  • Conducting routine inspections of the workplace to identify and correct safety hazards
  • Ensuring that each employee’s personnel file includes required documentation
  • Providing required documents and information to terminated workers
  • Thoroughly investigating any internal complaint of harassment.


Features & Benefits Include:

The Workplace Compliance Checklists Bundle includes the following important checklists (all of which have been attorney-reviewed) and information:

  • A digital New Hire Orientation Checklist to make sure that all new hires receive the appropriate forms and information at the beginning of their employment, as required by certain federal laws.
  • A digital Overtime Exemptions Checklist to help employers properly classify new & existing employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt” from overtime.
  • A digital Safety Inspection Checklist to aid employers in performing weekly or monthly worksite inspections to identify potential safety hazards.
  • A digital Harassment Investigation Checklist to aid employers in conducting a thorough investigation of any serious complaint of harassment or discrimination.
  • A digital Personnel File Audit Checklist to help employers evaluate what critical information is missing (if any) from each employee’s personnel file.
  • A digital Termination Checklist to ensure that a standardized termination process is followed for each dismissed employee.
  • A digital Companion Guide that explains how, when, and why to use each included checklist.

Any new updates will be automatically published to your digital resources for immediate reference. 



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