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Workplace Civility Training Program (eLearning Module)

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This interactive online training module takes reasonable steps to prevent incivility in the workplace while promoting respectful behavior, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity. It identifies behaviors that can lead to harassment or discrimination.

Workplace Civility Training Program (eLearning Module)

“Workplace civility” is “polite, reasonable, respectful behavior towards others in the workplace.” Conversely, “workplace incivility” refers to “discourteous or rude behavior, whether intentional or unintentional, toward one or more individuals in the workplace.” Incivility can lead to harassment or discrimination, or may be viewed as evidence of a hostile work environment.  In addition, gossiping isn’t only uncivil, it can violate anti-harassment laws.   State, federal, and local laws prohibit harassment and discrimination of employees, job applicants, and visitors on the basis of sex, gender, age, race, religion, national origin, pregnancy, or disability. Various court decisions and agency guidance have clarified that employers must take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and discrimination from occurring.

  • Failure to take reasonable prevention measures can result in a finding of employer liability during a harassment or discrimination lawsuit.
  • Violations of anti-discrimination laws can result in penalties up to $50,000 per complaint.
  • The EEOC Task Force released a report on Harassment Prevention and found that harassment-training programs are more effective if they address workplace civility, inclusion, diversity, promote a respectful workplace, and include bystander intervention.
  • According to the Healthy Workplace Campaign, legislatures in over 30 states have introduced workplace anti-bullying bills in recent years.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • An interactive Workplace Civility Training eLearning module, which can be taken by an unlimited number of employees.
  • Additional downloadable resources include:
    • Workplace Civility Training Handout
    • Training Acknowledgment Form
  • Any new updates will be automatically published to your eLearning module for immediate reference.

This eLearning module is designed to do the following:

  • Examine why workplace civility is important
  • Explain the benefits of inclusion, diversity, and workplace sensitivity
  • Look at who is involved in incivility and its consequences
  • Identify when incivility becomes workplace bullying
  • Discuss what to do when you are a victim of, or witness to, abusive behaviors


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