Worker Misclassification Prevention Kit

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All employers are obligated under the IRS tax code and various labor laws to ensure that workers are properly classified as either "employees" or "independent contractors." According to the US Dept of Labor and the IRS, as many as 30% of all independent contractors are misclassified.

Violations in worker classification laws can result in lawsuits and tax penalties. To avoid costly claims of misclassification during an audit, employers must implement a process to correctly classify workers at the beginning of the business relationship, ensure that the unique rights of independent contractors are not violated and audit existing independent contractor relationships to determine if any contractors should be re-classified as employees.

To help businesses demonstrate good faith compliance with applicable laws and regulations, Personnel Concepts has introduced a comprehensive Worker Misclassification Prevention Kit. Compiled by our team of specialists, it includes all of the tools you need to protect your business form claims of worker misclassification.

Kit Includes:

  • Quick reference guide featuring FAQs, summaries of laws and a legal brief written by an attorney
  • Worker classification checklists
  • All-On-One Independent Contractors poster
  • Written acknowledgement forms for independent contractors about their rights and obligations
  • Money Back Guarantee: Return within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling