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Virtual Workplace Compliance Assistant

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An interactive menu-based module, hosted by a Virtual Assistant named Lisa, that guides users to relevant workplace compliance solutions, including forms, notices, checklists, online employee training, and digital compliance guides. 

This exclusive, innovative compliance solution provides direct links to over $1,700 worth of Personnel Concepts’ best-selling digital compliance products and our most popular HR & OSHA content.

Virtual Workplace Compliance Assistant

In addition to complying with mandatory labor law posting requirements, U.S. businesses must also comply with laws and regulations addressing documentation and record keeping, employee training & communication, workplace safety, and more. However, becoming 100% compliant with dozens of workplace laws & regulations and reducing the risk of potentially costly lawsuits is a daunting task for the average small business or HR manager.

This process requires staying up-to-date on changing laws, identifying gaps in your current policies and procedures, conducting self-audits, and implementing appropriate training for employees. To help business owners, office managers, and HR professionals protect their business from potential fines and lawsuits, Personnel Concepts has introduced a comprehensive, interactive Virtual Workplace Compliance Assistant module. This menu-based module will guide you to the compliance resources you need now to address common legal risks faced in businesses of all sizes in all industries.

Features & Benefits Include:

  • A fully voiced Virtual Assistant to guide you to the resources you need.
  • Interactive menus covering seven different aspects of workplace compliance:
    • Posters and notices
    • COVID-19 safety & prevention
    • Interviewing and hiring
    • Harassment and discrimination
    • OSHA compliance and injury reporting
    • Payroll and wage & hour compliance
    • HR issues (including I-9s, terminations, and more)
  • Downloadable white papers, fact sheets, compliance guides, and government links addressing multiple topics
  • Twenty digital, attorney-reviewed forms & checklists (a $200 value)
  • Direct access to six online training modules for your employees (a $600 value)
  • Five best-selling interactive e-learning guides for employers & managers (a $500 value)
  • Four customizable safety programs (a $400 value)

The Personnel Concepts digital products and resources included in this comprehensive interactive module represent a value of over $1,700 in total.


If you are not completely satisfied with this comprehensive solution, you can cancel your order within 7 days for a full refund.

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