Smoke-Free Workplace Policy Poster

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The United States Surgeon General has identified second-hand smoke as a cause for diseases such as lung cancer in healthy non-smokers when they are near or in the proximity of tobacco smoke. To protect all employees, visitors, and customers against involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke in the workplace, employers are required to adopt a formal Smoke-Free Workplace Policy by posting appropriate signage at all entrances, restrooms, stairwells (on each floor) and at all enclosed common areas within the workplace.

Non-compliance will subject employees to possible civil fines of $100 to $500 per violation as specified in state, local, or county laws that prohibit or restrict indoor smoking.

Personnel Concepts' Smoke-Free Workplace Policy Notice is designed to communicate the Company's policy to protect employees against involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke in the workplace.


  • Two color 11x17 format General policy statements as recommended by state and local laws that prohibit indoor smoking
  • U.S. Surgeon General advisory against exposure to second-hand smoke
  • Check boxes that allow employers to customize their unique smoking policy
  • Space to indicate the employee representative for Smoke-free compliance
  • Statement of disciplinary action for non-compliance 

Who Needs It

Employers in virtually every state are required to implement a Smoke-Free Workplace Policy that protects employees from involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke as part of maintaining a healthful workplace environment. For the few states that do not have state-wide smoking bans, we recommend the poster as support for an employer's best-practices policy to eliminate workplace health hazards.