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Quick Audit Compliance Checklist & Guide (Digital)

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All employers must comply with the latest documentation, training, record retention, and communication requirements under various employment laws. Audit your employment practices.  With our digital solution, and any new updates will be automatically published to your guide for immediate reference.  

Quick Audit Compliance Checklist & Guide (Digital)

In addition to complying with labor law posting requirements, all businesses with employees must also comply with documentation, training, record keeping, and communication requirements under applicable employment laws. Auditing your employment practices on at least an annual basis is a critical step to ensuring that your business is fully protected against other penalties for non-compliance and potential employee lawsuits.

To help our valued labor law compliance customers audit their employment practices, Personnel Concepts has introduced a comprehensive, digital 2021 QuickAUDIT Compliance Guide & Checklist. This checklist and plain language guide are designed to help small business employers assess their level of compliance with pertinent legal requirements. Featuring an interactive checklist on the biggest legal risks facing employers, and a plain language compliance guide with useful links and resources, our QuickAUDIT Compliance Guide & Checklist can help you identify & correct a potentially costly gap in your employment law & HR compliance efforts.

With your digital format, any new updates will be automatically published to your guide for immediate reference.

Topics Included:

  • Recent updates to required government forms
  • Major federal regulatory changes in 2019 and 2020
  • Essential safety & health requirements
  • Legal requirements relating to hiring & firing employees
  • Required employment records

Easy to Use:

  • Answer 24 yes-or-no questions based on the biggest legal risks facing America’s businesses.
  • For any “no” answer, flip to the corresponding page in the digital companion guide for information on specific requirements and best practices.


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