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Public Accommodations Compliance Program (eLearning Module)

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An interactive eLearning program designed to help business owners and managers understand federal and state compliance requirements that apply to any business that is open to the public. Any new updates will be automatically published to your module for immediate reference.

Public Accommodations Compliance Program (eLearning Module)

In addition to complying with state, federal, and local employment laws, any business or entity that is open to the general public must also comply with public accommodation laws that protect the rights of customers/visitors.  These laws prohibit unlawful discrimination against customers/visitors, mandate certain notices and signage, and require businesses to make their facilities accessible to individuals with disabilities.

“Places of public accommodation” include restaurants, bars, doctor’s offices, retail stores, hotels/motels and any other entity or facility where consumers assemble to purchase or receive goods, services, lodging, or entertainment.  Common violations of public accommodation laws include unfair treatment or refusal of service for a discriminatory reason, failure to post mandatory notices (where required), and failure to accommodate disabled individuals.


Features & Benefits Include:

  • An interactive Public Accommodations Compliance Program eLearning Module to train yourself and your managers on applicable laws, best practices, and compliance obligations.
  •  A digital Public Accommodations Compliance Guide featuring compliance tips from an attorney, frequently asked questions, state reference charts covering laws that vary by state, and plain language guidance on avoiding legal issues.
  • A digital Public Accommodation Laws Training Handout to educate employees on their obligations under the laws that protect consumers.
  • A digital Customer/Visitor Complaint Form to document any serious customer allegations of unfair treatment or discriminatory policies.
  • A collection of links to Required State Public Accommodations Posters that must be displayed.
  • Any new updates will be automatically published to your eLearning module for immediate reference.


This eLearning module and downloadable resources will help business owners and managers:  

  • Understand what signage and notices must be posted for the public to see
  • Download required postings
  • Learn about the laws pertaining to places of public accommodations
  • Ensure that the business is complying with ADA accessibility guidelines
  • Train front-line workers on how to prevent and respond to customer allegations of discrimination
  • Document serious customer complaints as proof of good faith compliance



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