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PA Downloadable Resources

Welcome to your exclusive online access to downloadable required notices. Below you will find conditional notices that may apply to your business. These include notices that are mandatory for certain cities or businesses. Simply click the download link and print as needed. Check back often for new and/or updated notices.

Federal Postings

Resource Applicable To Download Last Revised Date
Employee Rights under the Family and Medical Leave ActBusinesses with 50+ employees within a 75-mile radius and all public and private elementary and secondary schools
Employee Rights for Workers with DisabilitiesEvery employer of workers with disabilities under special minimum wage certificates authorized by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the McNamara-Ohara Service Contract Act (SCA), and/or the Public Contracts Act (PCA)Download Here11-02-21
E-Verify Participation Poster & Right to Work PosterVoluntary participants in the E-Verify programs and employers that match these demographics:
  • Private employers: AL, AZ, GA (10+ employees), MS, NC (25+ employees), SC, UT (15+ employees)
  • Government/State Contractors: CO, FL, ID, IN, LA, MN, NE, OK, PA, TN, VA
  • Public Employers: FL, ID, IN, MO, NE, PA, VA
Download Here10-09-21
Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural WorkersEmployers that employ migrant agricultural workersDownload Here02-02-22

State Postings

Resource Applicable To Download Last Revised Date
Child Labor ActBusinesses that employ minorsDownload Here12-02-21
Education ProvisionsEducational institutionsDownload Here12-02-21
Fair Housing PracticesAny owner of housing accommodationsDownload Here12-02-21
Fair Lending PracticesAny business where negotiations or agreements are customarily made for the renting or purchasing of housing accommodationsDownload Here12-02-21
Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline PosterRequired for personal service establishments, dining establishments found to be a nuisance, adult entertainment enterprises, hotels or motels found to be a nuisance, airports, trains, bus stations, welcome centers, and rest areas, and full-service truck stopsDownload Here12-02-21
No Smoking PosterAll employers unless otherwise exempt under the PA Clean Indoor Air ActDownload Here12-02-21
Public Accommodations ProvisionsAny owner, lessee, proprietor or manager of a public accommodationDownload Here12-02-21
Report Child Abuse Poster (poster shall be 11-by-17" or larger)All Hospitals (post in a public area.)Download Here12-02-21
Report Child/Student Abuse Poster (poster shall be 11-by-17" or larger)All Schools (Post in a high-traffic area, where all students have access.)Download Here12-02-21
Unemployment Compensation for State EmployeesState government employersDownload Here12-02-21
Worker and Community Right to Know ActAll public sector employersDownload Here12-02-21

City Postings

Resource Applicable To Download Last Revised Date
City Services Discrimination LawsPublic City Buildings in PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Fair Chance Hiring LawBusinesses in the city of PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Fair EmploymentBusinesses in the city of PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Fair Housing PracticesBusinesses handling real estate transactions in PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Paid Sick TimeBusinesses in the city of PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Philadelphia Earned Income Tax CreditRequired of all Philadelphia employersDownload Here12-02-21
Philadelphia Wage Theft Complaints PosterAll Philadelphia employers subject to the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act and the Wage Payment and Collection ActDownload Here12-02-21
Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days ActBusinesses in the city of PittsburghDownload Here12-02-21
Pregnancy Rights ProvisionsBusinesses in the city of PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
Public Accommodation ProvisionsPublic facilities in Philadelphia accommodationsDownload Here12-02-21
Rights to Unpaid Leave Due to Domestic or Sexual ViolenceAll employers in PhiladelphiaDownload Here12-02-21
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