National Origin Discrimination Compliance Kit

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The Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act explicitly prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of national origin. Title VII prohibits employment discrimination against any national origin group, including large broad ethnic groups, such as Hispanics and Asians, and specific ethnic groups, such as Filipinos, Kurds and American Indians. The law also protects individuals who are married to a person of specific ethnicity and/or anyone perceived of being part of an ethnic group, even if they’re not.

National origin discrimination exists in many forms and can include any of the following: ethnic slurs and harassment, workplace policies that have a disparate impact on an ethnic group, accent discrimination, and “English-only” rules that unnecessarily prohibit an ethnic group from using their native language in the workplace.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s report entitled “Futurework: Trends and Challenges for Work in the 21st Century,” by the year 2050 half of the U.S. population will be comprised of minorities and immigration will account for two-thirds of population growth. Based on this trend, annual charges of national origin discrimination will continue to increase as the American workforce becomes more ethnically diverse. The number of Title VII national origin discrimination charges received by the EEOC has increased by 58% since 1997. Penalties for violations of Title VII and/or the IRCA include compensatory and punitive damages that can range up to $50,000 per plaintiff.

Our National Origin Discrimination in Employment Compliance Kit is designed to help employers understand current issues and trends, audit their workplace policies and practices, and ensure compliance with applicable laws. It includes a plain-language reference guide with EEOC guidance and sample policies, incident documentation forms, training handouts, and a policy notification poster.


Compliance Made Simple
Posting our 11” x 17” policy poster(s), distributing the training handouts to your managers and supervisors, and reading our plain language guidebook will help you meet your obligations under Title VII, the IRCA, and/or state law and create a first line of defense against national origin discrimination claims.

Prevent Costly Lawsuits

Using our kit to educate our managers and supervisors to recognize and correct common triggers of national origin-related discrimination claims can help your business avoid costly employee lawsuits. In the event of a dispute, our poster and documentation forms can be used in your defense that you attempted to create a discrimination-free work environment.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with our National Origin Discrimination Compliance Kit, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, less shipping and handling charges.


Our National Origin Discrimination Compliance Kit includes the following important tools and information:

  • 11” x 17” policy notification posters (1 in English, 1 in Spanish) to communicate a general policy to employees prohibiting discrimination on the basis of national origin or ethnicity.
  • A-65 page reference guidebook featuring plain language guidance, an overview of common forms of national origin discrimination, regulatory text, recent court decisions, FAQs, sample policies, and information on applicable state laws.
  • 25 EEO incident reports to document, investigate, and correct any allegations of discrimination.
  • 25 training handouts to ensure that managers, supervisors, and employees understand their rights and obligations.