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State-Only Labor Law Posters

The Personnel Concepts State-Only Labor Law Posters are for those companies that prefer to display separate state and federal mandated postings, are low in space or prefer managing updates separately. Don't forget, both state and federal posters are required in all facilities. If you prefer all the information on one poster take a look at our SS1 All-On-One products.

Why You Need A Labor Law Poster

State and federal laws require employers to display government labor law posters in the workplace. The purpose of these labor law posters is to inform employees of their rights under the applicable laws and provide information on how to report discrimination, wage and hour violations and other rights infringements to the government. State requirements vary and some even require both English and Spanish versions.

Failure to comply with government labor law posting requirements could lead to citations and fines up to $35,000 per location. The Personnel Concepts State and Federal Labor Law Poster is guaranteed to meet all the federal requirements of the Department of Labor and Justice, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA).

The Personnel Concepts Advantage

Personnel Concepts' state and federal labor law posters combine all your needs into one convenient product. Each poster comes with the Personnel Concepts' "We Pay the Fine" Guarantee, which warrants that our company will pay your fine so long as you keep your poster and side panels up to date using either our convenient subscription or by purchasing the updated panels as we alert you to their availability. Personnel Concepts' labor law posters are reviewed annually by attorneys to ensure accuracy and completeness and are kept up-to-date throughout the year by our compliance research team.

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