California Compliance Checklist Spanish Edition

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If you are not an update subscriber, then you need to check to see if your revision number (found in the lower right of your labor law poster) is the same as the one shown here, which is CA22763-S-0819, and then either order a new poster or update to a subscription service.

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Recent changes:

Cal/OSHA Poster, 08/2019

Family Care and Medical Leave, Revised 04/2019
Human Trafficking, Issued 01/2019

Sexual Harassment, Issued 12/2018
Transgender Rights, Issued 12/2017
Safety and Health Protection on the Job, Issued 12/2017
Discrimination and Harassment, Issued 06/2017
Family Care and Medical Leave, Issued 06/2017

Paid Sick Leave Poster, Issued 12/2014
Minimum Wage Poster, Revised 07/2014
Cal-OSHA Poster, Revised 07/2014
Whistleblower Protection Poster, Revised 07/2014
Cal/OSHA Poster, 02/2014
Fair Employment, 12/2013
Unemployment Insurance Notice, 11/2013
Cal-OSHA Notice, Revised 05/2013
Unemployment Insurance, Whistleblower Protection, Fair Employment and FMLA postings, Revised 12/2012

IRS Notice 797, Issued 12/2018
Right to Work (E-Verify participants), Revised 02/2017
Federal Minimum Wage, Revised 07/2016

Employee Polygraph Protection Act Poster, Revised 07/2016
FMLA Notice, Revised 04/2016
USERRA Notice, Revised 07/2017