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Interviewing & Hiring Laws Training for Employers and Managers

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An online, interactive training module to train business owners & managers and anyone else involved in the hiring process on which interview questions are considered illegal under anti-discrimination laws.  This 40-minute training module covers all of the following:

  • Legal vs. illegal interview questions

  • Examples of illegal interview questions that could lead to a claim of discrimination

  • Permissible alternatives

  • Anti-discrimination laws that apply to the hiring process

  • Structuring the interview

Interviewing & Hiring Laws Training for Employers and Managers

State, federal, and local laws prohibit hiring discrimination against job candidates based on a protected characteristic. These protected characteristics include sex, gender, age, race, religion, national origin, pregnancy, disability, military status, and/or marital status. Any interview question that elicits information about a protected characteristic under antidiscrimination laws may be used as evidence of an unlawful preference or bias. Employers must take reasonable steps to prevent unlawful discrimination, including ensuring that hiring managers do not intentionally or unintentionally ask unlawful questions during an interview.

Increased awareness of systemic racism, expanded LGBTQ+ rights, and backlash discrimination against Asians and Asian-Americans during the pandemic require businesses to make sure their job interviews avoid potentially discriminatory questions. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has focused enforcement on “eliminating discriminatory barriers in hiring” as part of its Strategic Enforcement Plan. State and local fair employment practices agencies are also focusing on eliminating hiring discrimination due to the EEOC’s enforcement focus. As such, employers must ensure that their interviewing and hiring process is compliant with applicable laws.

Training hiring managers on how to avoid unlawful interview questions and legal alternatives to those questions can be used as part of an employer’s defense during an anti-discrimination lawsuit. Penalties for non-compliance with anti-discrimination laws can range up to $50,000 per complaint, plus damages and attorney’s fees. Judgments in discrimination lawsuits routinely exceed $1 million.

Features & Benefits Include:

An online interactive training course that is designed to help employers, managers, and anyone involved in the hiring process understand:

  • The four parts of every interview;
  • Anti-discrimination laws that apply to the interviewing process;
  • Illegal versus legal interview questions;
  • Common examples of illegal interview questions;
  • Alternative questions that are permissible.

Other features include the following:

  • A downloadable collection of pre-written interview questions;
  • A printable job aid that includes examples of illegal interview questions and suggested alternatives;
  • Automatic updates to your training module if laws change.


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