Homeland Security Poster

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Train Your Employees to Identify, Prevent, and Report Security Threats in the Workplace.

Employers have a responsibility to protect their employees, customers, physical assets, and sensitive electronic data storage from external threats. This obligation requires the creation and implementation of a workplace security plan to ensure that security threats are prevented, identified, and reported immediately.

In order to mitigate the associated risk factors, you must train your employees to identify suspicious persons, and how to use an individual reporting system to alert local and national authorities of potentially threatening situations.

Our Homeland Security in the Workplace Poster combines four separate DHS publications in our All-In-One format, allowing you to protect your employees from physical and electronic threats by promoting awareness. It includes information on cyber security threats, physical safeguards, recognizing suspicious behaviors, and reporting suspicious persons to the property authorities.

Act now to promote security awareness within your workplace by displaying our Homeland Security in the Workplace Poster in your facility.