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Hiring and Onboarding Digital Compliance Bundle

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A collection of digital resources to help employers ensure that their hiring and onboarding process complies with state and federal anti-discrimination laws, notification requirements, and documentation requirements.

  • Interviewing and Hiring Laws Training for Employers and Managers
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • New Hire Documentation and Notice Requirements Digital Compliance Guide
  • New Hire Orientation Checklist
Hiring and Onboarding Digital Compliance Bundle

State, federal, and local laws prohibit hiring discrimination against job candidates based on a protected characteristic. Any interview question that elicits information about a protected characteristic under antidiscrimination laws may be used as evidence of an unlawful preference or bias. Penalties for non-compliance with antidiscrimination laws can range up to $50,000 per complaint, plus damages and attorney’s fees. Judgments in discrimination lawsuits routinely exceed $1 million.

Additionally, employers must provide specific forms and notices to new hires under state & federal laws and maintain certain records created during the hiring process. New hire documentation and notice requirements vary by state, and can range from tax & employment eligibility forms to written disclosures about harassment, workers’ compensation, paydays, and paid leave benefits. To avoid potential discrimination claims or violations of notification & documentation requirements during the hiring & onboarding process, employers should do the following:

  • Train hiring managers on what questions are considered illegal to ask during an interview
  • Prepare interview questions in advance and ask the same questions to all applicants who apply for the same position
  • Evaluate interviewees fairly and consistently using standardized criteria
  • Provide all required forms and notices to new hires during the onboarding process, as mandated by state and federal laws.
  • Document the information provided during the new hire orientation process, including the aforementioned forms, notices, and any essential company information.

Features & Benefits Include:

Our Hiring and Onboarding Digital Compliance Bundle includes the following elements:

  • An interactive online Interviewing & Hiring Laws Training for Employers and Managers to educate anyone involved in the hiring process about which interview questions are illegal under anti-discrimination laws and other hiring regulations.
  • An attorney-reviewed digital Interview Evaluation Form to ensure that all interviewees for the same open position are evaluated using the same criteria.
  • A comprehensive collection of pre-written interview questions to help hiring managers select questions to be asked during all interviews for the same position.
  • A New Hire Documentation & Notice Requirements Compliance Guide that lists specific requirements for each state, required federal forms & notices, and links to required information.
  • An attorney reviewed digital New Hire Orientation Checklist to document that each new hire receives required forms, notices, and critical company information.


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