Heat Stress Cold Stress Poster

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Many workers spend some part of their working day in extreme temperatures. Outdoor work units are exposed to both hot and cold temperatures, depending on the time of year and geographic location.

Heat stress: Workers in foundries, laundries, construction projects, and bakeries -- to name a few industries -- often face hot conditions which pose special hazards to safety and health.

Cold stress: Outdoor work crews often face cold conditions while working late at night or early in the morning during the winter. In certain regions during the winter season, cold temperatures can lead to frost bite or hypothermia.

OSHA's General Duty Clause (29 USC Sec. 654(a)) requires employers to provide of a form of employment free from recognized hazards. When hazards cannot be eliminated, employers must ensure that the threat posed by hazard is minimized. Heat stress and cold stress are two environmental hazards that fall under the General Duty Clause. Training workers to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses or cold-related illnesses can help minimize the risk of working in extreme temperatures.

Personnel Concepts' Heat Stress / Cold Stress Poster is a double-sided poster that features heat stress prevention information on one side, and cold stress information on the other. It features OSHA guidance on how to prevent and recognize temperature-related illnesses. Simply display the appropriate side based upon your work environment to notify affected workers about proper safety precautions.