Hazcom Employee Right to Know Poster

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To fully understand and implement a workplace Hazard Communication Program, including training your staff in GHS labeling, please consider acquiring our Hazard Communication Program manual, along with our GHS Training Program.

Under OSHA regulation, employers are required to provide hazard training and information concerning chemicals that employees may potentially encounter in the workplace. It is the most frequently cited general industry OSHA standard and one that employers struggle to understand.

Companies must provide information to their employees on hazardous chemicals by means of training, substance labeling and material safety data sheets (MSDS). Products such as cleaning agents, detergents, dusts, inks and janitorial supplies are examples of potentially hazardous chemicals that may be present in the workplace.

The Hazcom Employee Right to Know poster will assist you in complying with OSHA requirements to inform your employees about potential chemical hazards and avoid fines.

Our poster includes information on:

  • OSHA's latest Hazard Communication Standard, including GHS compliance
  • Material Safety Data sheet guide taht explains what they are and what each section of an MSDS includes
  • Quick Reference MSDS for employers to list hazardous materials, their application and required safety equipment
  • Hazardous Materials Reference Guide that explains the Hazard Diamond and what each category represents