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Harassment Investigation Procedures Compliance Program (Digital)

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A comprehensive, attorney-reviewed compliance program to help employers conduct a proper, thorough, and legally compliant investigation of any allegation of workplace harassment.
Harassment Investigation Procedures Compliance Program (Digital)

State, federal, and local laws prohibit harassment and discrimination of employees, job applicants, and visitors on the basis of sex, gender, age, race, religion, national origin, pregnancy, or disability.   Various court decisions and agency guidance have clarified that employers must take reasonable steps to correct and investigate any claim of harassment.  Failure to properly respond to an internal harassment claim can result in a finding of employer liability during a harassment or discrimination lawsuit.  This includes being found “vicariously liable” for the actions of managers & supervisors.   Violations of anti-discrimination laws can result in penalties up to $50,000 per complaint, and judgments routinely exceed $1 million. 

 To avoid liability in a harassment lawsuit, employers must react immediately to any claim of harassment, conduct a thorough investigation, and take corrective action where warranted.   To bolster their defense in court, this process should be thoroughly documented to prove good-faith compliance with anti-discrimination laws. 

Features & Benefits Include:            

  • A revised, 2nd Edition, digital Harassment Investigation Procedures Compliance Guide designed to help employers conduct a proper, thorough, and legally compliant investigation of any allegation of workplace harassment.  Includes plain-language guidance, FAQs, and compliance tips from an attorney.  
  • The following digital, attorney-reviewed, items are also included:
    • Harassment Investigations Checklist to ensure you take all necessary steps during your investigation.
    • Harassment Report Statement Form to collect information from employees who are reporting instances of harassment.
    • Employee Harassment Complaint Form to collect necessary information from an employee who is being harassed. 
    • Alleged Harasser’s Response Form to be completed by the alleged harasser to gather information about the incident.
    • Witness Statement Form to provide to witnesses of the harassment
    • Notice of Determination Form to document and summarize the findings of a harassment investigation
    • Notice of Disciplinary Action Form to document the disciplinary action that has been taken as a result of the investigation

Any new updates will be automatically published to your digital resources for immediate reference. 



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