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Harassment Investigation Checklist - Digital

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An attorney-reviewed digital checklist to help employers complete and document any investigation of a harassment complaint in the workplace.  

Harassment Investigation Checklist - Digital

State, federal, and local anti-discrimination laws prohibit the unlawful workplace harassment of applicants and employees based on protected characteristics.  Employers have a legal obligation to conduct a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation of any employee complaints of harassment in the workplace.  Failure to do so can result in the company being found liable during a harassment lawsuit.  Documenting every investigation of a harassment complaint is an essential practice for employers, and such documentation can be used as part of the employer’s defense during a lawsuit or audit. 

Our attorney-reviewed, downloadable Harassment Investigation Checklist is designed to help businesses conduct and properly document a thorough investigation of any harassment allegation.  It includes a 12-step investigation process recommended by attorneys and enforcing agencies, and includes space to record the dates of completion of each critical step. 

 Features & Benefits Include:

  • A digital checklist outlining 12 critical steps in any harassment investigation with space to record the date each step was completed;

  • Attorney-reviewed to ensure adherence to applicable laws;

  • Printable, fill-in-the-blanks digital format for physical or electronic recordkeeping;

  • A detailed instruction sheet explaining how & when to use the checklist and how long to retain it.

Our attorney-reviewed checklist is designed to help employers:

  • Ensure that harassment investigations follow the steps recommended by attorneys and governing agencies.

  • Document that a prompt, thorough, and impartial investigation was conducted in response to a complaint of workplace harassment. 


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