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GINA Notification Poster

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Provides an overview of key provisions of the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act
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President Bush signed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) into law. Title I of GINA addresses the use of genetic information in health insurance. Title II of the Act prohibits the use of genetic information in employment, prohibits the intentional acquisition of genetic information about applicants and employees, and imposes strict confidentiality requirements.

Many genetic tests now exist that can inform individuals whether they may be at risk for developing a specific disease or disorder. But just as the number of genetic tests increase, so do the concerns of the general public about whether they may be at risk of losing access to health coverage or employment if insurers or employers have their genetic information.

GINA has been enacted to address these concerns, by prohibiting discrimination based on genetic information and restricting acquisition and disclosure of such information. Under the protections of GINA, employees will no longer fear adverse employment- or health coverage-related consequences for having a genetic test or participating in research studies that examine genetic information.

Our GINA Notification Poster provides an overview of the new confidentiality requirements for both Title I and Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Posting this exclusive poster will help covered entities meet the notification requirements under the Act.

Who Needs It

All businesses with one or more employees that provide health insurance or have a group health plan must comply with Title I of GINA. Title II of GINA applies to private, state, and local government employers with 15 or more employees, employment agencies, labor unions, Congress and federal executive branch agencies.


Notify Employees of Protections under GINA
Posting our 11” x 17” notification poster in the workplace acknowledges the new requirements under GINA and communicates to your employees that your organization is committed to complying with federal mandates. The information displayed on this poster will help meet the notification requirements contained in the Act.

Demonstrate Good-Faith Compliance
Posting this information to proactively notify employees of the applicable provisions of GINA and their protections under the law can demonstrate good-faith compliance during an audit or investigation.


Our 11” x 17” GINA Notification Poster includes the following important information:

  • Overview of GINA confidentiality requirements for covered entities
  • Definition of “Genetic Information”
  • Genetic Discrimination in Health Insurance (Title I)
  • Genetic Discrimination in Employment (Title II)
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