GHS Compliance Training Program

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NOTE: June 1, 2016, is the final deadline for chemical manufacturers to begin using the new GHS labeling system. Make sure your employees are trained to understand both the new labels and the data sheets that accompany the product. Get our GHS training solution now and prepare your employees for the new system.

(Both versions contain the exact same elements. FD-GHS-CTP comes via ground delivery and contains a CD-ROM, manual and printed forms. FD-GHS-DF is an instant download containing all the necessary files for presentation and printing purposes. There is no need to buy both.)

The Globally Harmonized System of Chemical Labeling and Hazard Communication (GHS) standard, which has been adopted nationally by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), reaches full implementation on June 1, 2015. The GHS is a set of guidelines for ensuring the safe production, transport, handling, use and disposal of hazardous chemicals in the workplace. GHS aims to improve the health and safety of consumers, workers, and the environment by ensuring consistent hazard communication are used on all chemicals. Under OSHA’s hazard communication standard (CFR 1910.1200), businesses that use or store hazardous chemicals must train their employees on how to properly read chemical labels and safety data sheets. Failure to comply with OSHA’s hazard communication standard, including mandatory training requirements, can result in fines up to $7,000 per violation.

Effective June 1, 2015, all chemical manufacturers must begin using the new GHS labeling system for all affected chemicals and related products. Employers must ensure that all employees are trained to understand both the new labels and the data sheets that accompany the products. Employees may be unaware of this change and may not easily recognize the new labeling symbols being rolled out as safety warnings.

The mandatory GHS training must include information to help employees understand how to read new GHS chemical labels (including pictograms) and what chemical safety information is included on new chemical safety data sheets (SDS). Training must be in a format that employees can easily understand, and employers must document their training efforts to demonstrate proof of compliance if inspected.

To help employers comply with the GHS training requirements and the June 1, 2015 effective date, Personnel Concepts has created a comprehensive GHS Compliance Training Program. This exclusive program, compiled by certified instructional designers and professional trainers, features a visual media training presentation (in PowerPoint and PDF format, on a CD-ROM), a facilitator’s guide to prepare the training instructor, printable job aids and training activities, pre-printed quizzes, and training acknowledgment forms to document compliance. Using this program, businesses can comply with mandatory training requirements in less than two hours (one hour for preparation, one hour for delivery).

Who Needs It

Any business that uses or stores hazardous chemicals must comply with the GHS training requirement. Most work environments (doctor’s offices, dental offices, restaurants, manufacturing, construction, auto repair shops, etc) have at least one chemical present that may be covered by OSHA’s standard. Common chemicals include paints, oils, inks, fuels, industrial-strength cleaning supplies, medicines, etc.


Worry-Free Compliance with Mandatory Training Requirements
Using our professionally designed, easy-to-use training materials to deliver employee training will ensure your full compliance with OSHA’s mandatory GHS training requirements. The training content is based on OSHA guidance, and the quizzes and acknowledgment forms can be used to document proof of compliance.

Designed by Experienced Training Professionals
This exclusive program was designed by a team of certified instructional designers and professional trainers using OSHA’s training guidelines. The easy-to-use facilitator’s guide includes talking points for each slide of the presentation, as well as instructions for using the accompanying job aids, learning activities, and quizzes. Regardless of your current level of
knowledge about GHS, you can prep and deliver training in just a few short hours.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with our GHS Compliance Training Program (print/CD-ROM version only), you can return it within 30 days from the original date of purchase for a full refund, less shipping and handling. (Note: There is no return option for the downloadable version.)


Our GHS Compliance Training Program (print & CD-ROM version) includes the following materials and information:

  • A training resource CD-ROM that includes a visual media training presentation (in PowerPoint and PDF formats) and printable/reproducible training handouts, including interactive learning activities and job aids.
  • A printed Facilitator’s Guide (also available digitally on CD-ROM) that can be used to quickly prepare and deliver the training to your employees.
  • 25 GHS Training Quizzes to measure and document employee understanding of the training provided.
  • 25 GHS Training Acknowledgment Forms for employees to sign in acknowledgment that have received the required training.