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Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation in the Workplace (Digital)

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A comprehensive collection of information, best practices, and documentation forms to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBTQ workers.
Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation in the Workplace (Digital)

In June 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and/or gender identity is prohibited under federal civil rights law, specifically Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. By definition, Title VII explicitly prohibits discrimination in the workplace on the basis of race, religion, national origin, and sex. In this decision, the court has ruled that the idea of “sex” is a distinct characteristic but inseparable from the concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity.  National media coverage of LGBTQ issues and various legal developments have increased awareness of the rights of these individuals in the workplace.

In addition to the EEOC’s enforcement strategy, employers must also address other legal developments affecting their anti-discrimination policies, benefit plans, employment practices, and employee training programs. Recent federal court decisions affecting 26 states have affirmed the rights of LGBTQ workers in the workplace under existing laws. Additionally, more states and municipalities have passed laws addressing LGBTQ discrimination, religious freedom, and restroom access. OSHA also maintains guidance on workplace restroom access for transgender workers under existing OSHA standards.


Features & Benefits Include:            

  • A digital Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation in the Workplace Guide to help businesses ensure compliance with recent laws, court decisions, regulations, & guidance. Includes an attorney legal brief & FAQs.
  • A digital Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Compliance Checklist to determine if your workplace is correctly following recent laws, departmental guidance, and precedent-setting lawsuits.
  • A digital Gender Identity/Sexual Orientation Discrimination Training Handout to communicate key workplace policies & practices. 
  • A digital Discrimination/Harassment Incident Report to document any discrimination or harassment related complaints/incidents made in the workplace.


This digital resource will help businesses ensure full compliance with all of the following pertaining to gender identity and sexual orientation in the workplace:  

  • Recent laws
  • Court decisions
  • Regulations & Guidance

Any new updates will be automatically published to your digital resources for immediate reference. 



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