All-On-One FMLA Information Poster

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NOTE: This poster has been revised to incorporate new language from the Department of Labor's Final Rule on military caregiver leave and flight crew leave.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has issued revised final interpretive regulations that explicitly delineate employer obligations under the law. The regulations included a revised DOL FMLA Notice Poster, which is mandatory to post for all covered employers. In addition to posting this newly revised, required notice, employers are obligated to notify employees of their rights and responsibilities under the law and ensure that their FMLA policies comply with the DOL’s revised regulations.

To help employers meet posting and notification requirements, and to ensure that employees understand their rights and obligations under the FMLA, Personnel Concepts has introduced an All-On-One FMLA Information Poster.

This exclusive 19.75” x 25.5” poster includes the required DOL FMLA Notice Poster and four other informational notices that reflect the newly revised FMLA regulations, including notices on leave entitlement, employer notice requirements, medical certifications, and how the FMLA interacts with other state and federal laws.

Our 19.75” x 25.5” All-On-One FMLA Information Poster includes five important notices:

  • The official DOL FMLA notice (required to be posted by all covered employers)
  • Leave Entitlement
  • Notice Requirements for Employees and Employers
  • Interaction with Other Laws (State and Federal)
  • Medical Certifications