The Lawful Workplace

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This Newsletter Will Alert Your Management Team to Potential Pitfalls in Hiring, Firing, Disciplining, and Much More. From interviewing to performance reviews, your supervisors will get the information they need to know to help avoid lawsuits and messy personnel issues.

The information in these biweekly (26 annual issues) newsletters will guide your managers, so that a borderline question or small misstep doesn't turn into an unexpected legal event. Your supervisors will learn the basics of: FMLA and attendance ADA Harassment Diversity and respect Discrimination And much more...

Reasons to subscribe:

  • The Supreme Court has ruled that an employer has vicarious liability for the actions of their supervisors. In other words, if your supervisor commits an unlawful act against an employee, the company can be held responsible for that action. Educating your supervisors is the best defense against costly errors. (Burlington Industries, Inc. v. Ellerth, and Faragher v. City of Boca Raton)
  • By spending 20 minutes every 2 weeks, your supervisors can learn up to date employment news, recent court cases, tips and guidelines that will help them be effective leaders and keep you out of court.
  • A study of employment arbitration found that employees prevail in 63% of the cases that they file against their employers. Arm your supervisors with the information they need to avoid litigation. Free Quarterly Special Reports
  • Also included is a special report which gives an in-depth look an important safety issue.