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Employee Separation Checklist - Digital

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A digital attorney-reviewed checklist to help businesses properly process and thoroughly document any employee termination or resignation.

Employee Separation Checklist - Digital

All businesses should implement a thorough and repeatable process for any separation of employment, including terminations, resignations, and job eliminations.  Failure to standardize the separation process could leave businesses vulnerable to unauthorized data access, lost company equipment, or potential wrongful termination lawsuits.  From documenting the reason for the separation to processing the departing employee’s final paycheck, each step in the separation process is critical to protecting the company from potential issues downstream. 

 Our digital, attorney-reviewed Employee Separation Checklist outlines a 13-step separation process to use for any terminated or resigning employee.  It guides the user through the process of collecting equipment, deactivating network passwords, processing necessary paperwork, determining re-employment eligibility, and more.  The completed checklist can be printed and stored in the departing employee’s personnel file, serving as documentation of the separation in the event of a dispute or legal issue.

 Features & Benefits Include:

  • A digital checklist containing 13 critical steps in any employment separation, including important documentation procedures and assessments;
  • Attorney-reviewed to ensure adherence to applicable anti-retaliation and anti-discrimination laws;
  • Printable, fill-in-the-blanks digital format for physical or electronic recordkeeping;
  • A detailed instruction sheet explaining how & when to use the checklist and how long to retain it.

Our attorney-reviewed checklist is designed to help employers:

  • Complete a standardized process whenever an employee’s term of employment ends, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.
  • Protect their business from potential issues related to terminations & resignations, including unreturned equipment, missing documentation, or wrongful termination claims.


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