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Employee Consent to Drug Testing Form - Digital

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An attorney-reviewed digital form to document that an employee or applicant has given their consent to participate in a drug or alcohol screening. 

Employee Consent to Drug Testing Form - Digital

Workplace drug-testing programs are designed to detect the presence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or certain prescription drugs. Drug testing is a prevention and deterrent method that is often part of a comprehensive drug-free workplace program. One major aspect of a workplace drug testing program is receiving the consent of the individual being tested prior to moving forward. Employers who conduct drug and alcohol testing should document and verify an employee’s agreement prior to being tested.

Our attorney-reviewed Employment Agreement and Consent to Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Form includes critical disclosures and language to notify individuals of their rights before, during, and after a drug test.  Businesses can use the completed form as proof in a legal proceeding that the employee authorized testing to occur and waived their rights to hold the company responsible for any consequences due to the test results.  The form also notifies the individual that failure to complete a drug or alcohol screening test when required can result in immediate termination or withdrawal of a job offer.


Features & Benefits Include:

  • A digital form to document an applicant’s or an employee’s consent to participate in mandatory drug or alcohol screening as a condition of employment;
  • Attorney-reviewed to include critical disclosures about waiving liability, agreement to comply with the company’s testing policy, and the consequences for refusal to complete a test;  
  • Printable, fill-in-the-blanks digital format for physical or electronic recordkeeping;
  • A detailed instruction sheet explaining how & when to use the form and how long to retain it.

Our attorney-reviewed form is designed to help employers:

  • Document an individual’s consent to a drug or alcohol screening.
  • Document the individual’s agreement that they will not hold the company liable for any negative consequences resulting from the test result.   


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