Drug-Free Workplace Poster

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Both employers and employees suffer when there is substance abuse in the workplace. All sorts of harmful consequences result: accidents, increased errors, increased absences, low morale and high illness rates. Industry statistics reveal:

  • One in five workers needed to redo work, cover for co-workers, or even risk potential danger as a result of a fellow employee's alcohol or drug use.
  • Up to 40 percent of industrial fatalities and 47 percent of industrial injuries are linked to alcohol consumption or alcoholism.
  • Alcohol and drug abuse cost American businesses roughly $81 billion dollars annually in lost revenue... $37 billion due to premature death... and $44 billion due to alcohol or drug related illness.
  • Alcoholism is estimated to cost U.S. businesses 500 million lost workdays annually.

The best way to address drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace is to publish your policy in a place that everyone can see it and educate employees about this common problem.