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Digital Hiring Forms & Checklists Bundle

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Make your hiring process more compliant with our attorney-reviewed digital forms and checklists.  

Digital Hiring Forms & Checklists Bundle

State and federal laws prohibit unlawful discrimination in hiring and often require the creation and retention of specific pre-employment and post-hire documentation.  Common hiring mistakes include not evaluating job candidates fairly and equally, failure to obtain proper consent for pre-employment testing or background checks, and failure to provide required notices and forms to new hires.  Discrimination claims from rejected applicants can result in penalties up to $50,000 per complaint plus attorney’s fees, and failure to provide required notices can result in fines and other penalties from enforcing agencies.

To help businesses ensure a legally compliant hiring process, Personnel Concepts has introduced a Digital Hiring Forms & Checklists Bundle at a special discounted price that includes the following attorney-reviewed digital forms & checklists:

  • An Interview Evaluation Form to help interviewers evaluate candidates fairly and equally using standardized criteria, mitigating the risk of a discrimination claim from a rejected applicant.
  • An Interviewing & Screening Checklist to audit your hiring practices to ensure they comply with specific requirements under applicable hiring and anti-discrimination laws.
  • A Background Investigation Authorization Form to obtain & document required consent from a new hire to perform a background check as a condition of employment.
  • A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act Form to comply with mandatory notice requirements when a job offer is rescinded due to the results of a background check.
  • A New Hire Orientation Checklist to use for every new hire to document that they have received all required forms, notices, and essential company information during the onboarding process.
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