Compliance Signage Bundle Basic Edition

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In addition to displaying up-to-date state and federal labor posters, all employers must provide a safe and healthful workplace for all employees and comply with OSHA standards. Failure to comply with safety regulations can result in fines up to $7,000 per violation.

With our Compliance Sign Bundle (Basic Edition), you can ensure your compliance with multiple OSHA regulations that apply to all businesses, as well as several mandatory notifications enforced by state and municipal law.

This bundle includes two Fire Extinguisher Labels, a No Concealed Weapons Sign, two Hand Washing Signs, two No Smoking Signs, and two Exit Signs that glow six-times brighter than standard exit signs. Together these signs put employers in compliance with several OSHA standards as follows:

• Fire Extinguisher Labels ensure fire extinguisher marking requirements under OSHA’s Fire Extinguisher Standard [29 USC 1910.157(c)(1)]
• No Concealed Weapon Signs are required in all states (except for HI, IL, WI and DC) for employers who do not wish patrons to enter with concealed weapons
• No Smoking Signs are required in most states as part of a smoke-free workplace policy to protect employees against involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke
• Exit Signs are required under OSHA’s Exit Route Standard [29 USC 1910.37(b)]
• Hand Washing Signs are recommended by all state health departments to ensure that employees minimize the spread of pathogens by washing their hands before returning to work

Who Needs It

All general industry employers must comply with OSHA regulations, including the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act and related OSHA standards. Specific standards mandate workplace safety signs and/or require the employer to notify employees in writing about their rights and responsibilities. This Basic package applies to all employers that have implemented a workplace safety program and have two emergency exit routes.

(For an expanded package that includes additional signage, ask your Compliance Assurance Specialist about our Standard and Complete Bundles.)


Ensures Good Faith Compliance
Employers who demonstrate a good faith commitment to comply with OSHA regulations are less likely to be fined and may be entitled to reductions in any penalties assessed during an inspection. Our Compliance Sign Bundle includes workplace signage that complies with several OSHA standards.