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Click on the titles of those posters or notices that you need for your business to download them. Under each title is an explanation of which businesses that poster or collection of posters applies to.

Federal Postings

► Employee Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act

Applies to:  Businesses with 50+ employees within a 75-mile radius and all public and private elementary and secondary schools

► Employee Rights for Workers with Disabilities

Applies to: Every employer of workers with disabilities under special minimum wage certificates authorized by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the McNamara-Ohara Service Contract Act (SCA), and/or the Public Contracts Act (PCA)

► E-Verify Participation Poster & Right to Work Poster

Applies to: voluntary participants in the E-Verify programs and employers that match these demographics:

  • Private employers: AL, AZ, GA (10+ employees), MS, NC (25+ employees), SC, UT (15+ employees)
  • Government/State Contractors: CO, FL, ID, IN, LA, MN, NE, OK, PA, TN, VA
  • Public Employers: FL, ID, IN, MO, NE, PA, VA

    ► Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Workers

    Applies to: Employers that employ migrant agricultural workers

    State Postings

    ► Fair Housing Notice

    Applies to: All Washington businesses that rent, lease, or sell housing

    ► Workers Compensation Self-Insured

    Applies to: Businesses with self-insured workers' compensation policies

    ► Religious Organizations Unemployment

    Applies to: Businesses with 1+ employees in a church or religious organization

    ► Fishing Boat Workers Unemployment

    Applies to: Businesses with 1+ employees in the commercial fishing industry

    City Postings

    ► Seattle Labor Standards

    Applies to: Businesses in Seattle. (Seattle, WA – Municipal Code 14.19.045.B) Employers shall display the poster in English and in the primary language of the employee(s) at the particular workplace.

    ► Seattle Secure Scheduling

    Applies to: Businesses in Seattle and Retail and foodservice establishments with 500+ employees worldwide; and full-service restaurants with 500+ employees and 40+ full-service restaurant locations worldwide. (Seattle, WA -- Municipal Code 14.22.060 B) Employers shall display the poster in English and in the primary language(s) of the employee(s) at the particular workplace.

    ► Seattle Domestic Workers

    Applies to: All Seattle employers who hire the following types of domestic workers: • Nanny • Home Care Worker • House Cleaner • Gardener • Cook • Household Manager

    ► Seattle Paid Sick and Safe Time Law

    Applies to: Businesses in Seattle. Provides safe time for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking.

    ► Seattle TNC Driver Minimum Wage

    Applies to: TCN drivers in the city of Seattle

    ► SeaTac Minimum Wage

    Applies to: City of SeaTac Businesses in the Hospitality or Transportation industries

    ► Tacoma Paid Sick Leave

    Applies to: Businesses in Tacoma

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