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All-On-One ACA Information Center Poster

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Helps communicate provisions of the new health care reform law
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The Affordable Care Act (also known as “health care reform” or “Obamacare”) is a complex federal law with numerous provisions affecting individuals and businesses nationwide. Many of these provisions directly impact the workplace, such as anti-discrimination provisions, whistleblower protections, and mandatory health insurance marketplace notices.

While some of these requirements affect only businesses that offer health insurance benefits to employees, other ACA requirements apply to all businesses, regardless of whether they currently offer health insurance. Failure to comply with the Affordable Care Act can result in fines up to $100 per violation per day. Violations of the ACA’s whistleblower provisions can result in additional penalties including back pay, front pay, compensatory damages, and costs and expenses including attorneys’ fees.

To help employers notify employees of important changes in law and demonstrate good faith compliance with the notification and whistleblower provisions of the Act, Personnel Concepts has introduced an All-On-One ACA Information Center Poster. Posting notices to employees about the provisions of the Affordable Care Act can demonstrate good faith compliance and can be used in your favor in the event of an audit or a whistleblower complaint.

This exclusive poster includes nine individual notices regarding ACA requirements, including notices addressing health insurance marketplaces, anti-discrimination provisions, whistleblower protections, 90-day waiting periods, required summary of benefits & uniform glossary, wellness program rules, flexible spending account exclusions, and key effective dates.

Who Needs It

All employers with two or more employees are subject to various provisions of the Affordable Care Act, including mandatory health insurance marketplace notice requirements and whistleblower protection provisions, whether or not they currently offer health insurance. Employers who offer health benefits must provide additional information on anti-discrimination provisions, exclusion periods, and other provisions.


Effective Employee Communication
Posting our All-On-One ACA Information Poster in a conspicuous location within the workplace provides employees with a one-stop information center regarding their rights and health coverage options under the Act.

Multi-Level Compliance
While employers and health plan administrators are legally obligated to provide certain notices to employees about the provisions of the ACA, our poster complements and supplements these written notices to demonstrate good-faith compliance with applicable requirements.


Our 20”x24” All-On-One ACA Information Center Poster includes the following critical notices, disclosures, and quick-reference information:

  • Health Insurance Marketplace Notice
  • Four Ways to Apply for Health Coverage
  • Whistleblower Notice
  • Key Provisions and Effective Dates
  • Wellness Program Rules
  • Health Flexible Spending Account Exclusions
  • Summary of Benefits and Coverage / Uniformed Glossary Notice
  • 90-Day Waiting Periods
  • Anti-Discrimination Provisions
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