Alcohol Awareness Poster

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Nearly 14 million people in the United States, or 1 in every 13 adults, abuse alcohol or are alcoholic. Alcohol and drug abuse has been estimated to cost American businesses roughly 81 billion dollars in lost productivity in just one year.

Healthcare of the future will focus on achieving a degree of WELLNESS prior to the development of disease and/or symptoms. The practice of waiting until there is a problem has proven to be an ineffective approach to obtaining health. Healthcare costs are at a record high of $1.7 trillion with no signs of decreasing. The average cost of annual health care spending is over $5,000 per person and with dependents almost $10,000.

No business is immune to the numerous problems that alcohol abuse can cause. Both employers and employees suffer when there is substance abuse in the workplace. The harmful consequences include increased absences, accidents, increased errors, low morale and high illness rates. Up to 40 percent of industrial fatalities and 47 percent of industrial injuries can be linked to alcohol consumption and alcoholism.

The good news is that most injuries and illnesses can be avoided. Experts indicate that preventable illness makes up 60% - 70% of the entire burden of illness in the U.S. Help your employees lead a healthier lifestyle. These posters offer tips and advice that are easy to implement and live with. The posters serve as a constant reminder to stay on track.


  • Four-color 18x24 format
  • Discusses the effects of alcohol abuse
  • Includes a self-test to determine whether or not a person has a problem with alcohol
  • Laminated for durability and long life