ADEA Age Discrimination Policy Poster

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State and federal discrimination laws prohibit discriminating against individuals over the age of 40 in hiring, firing, promotions, layoffs, wages, and benefits. Failure to comply with age discrimination regulations can result in lawsuits and penalties, including front pay, back pay, liquidated damages, and payment of the plaintiff's attorney's fees.

In past subsequent years, the EEOC revised its regulations relating to age bias, job advertisements, and applications to reflect an important Supreme Court decision. Covered employers must ensure their compliance with the regulations and should ensure that their workplace is compliant with the provisions of the Act.

To help businesses ensure compliance and avoid age discrimination complaints, Personnel Concepts has developed an 11" x 17" policy poster. This poster will alert your workforce to their right to be free from age discrimination and also to their responsibilities not to engage in age discrimination.

Available in Spanish as well.