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Absence/Tardy Report Form - Digital

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An attorney-reviewed digital form to document each instance of absenteeism or tardiness to maintain accurate attendance records. 


In order to maintain a consistent level of service and productivity and enforce the company’s attendance policy, employers and their company’s managers and supervisors need to keep track of their workers’ absences and frequency of tardiness. Frequent absenteeism and tardiness affect company productivity and create tension in the workplace amongst co-workers who must fill in for the absent or tardy employee.  Documenting each absence and occurrence of tardiness can help employers keep an accurate attendance record for each employee. 

Our attorney-reviewed, digital Employee Absence/Tardy Report Form is designed to help employers, managers, and HR document each attendance violation.  It includes reason codes to document whether the infraction was authorized or unauthorized, and whether the employee can use paid time off.  Completing this form whenever an employee is absent or late ensures attendance record accuracy and creates a documentation trail if an employee needs to be disciplined for attendance violations. 

Features & Benefits Include:

  • A digital form to document each absence or occurrence of tardiness for an employee utilizing more than 20 different attendance codes;
  • Attorney-reviewed to include the most common reasons for excused or unexcused absences and tardiness;   
  • Printable, fill-in-the-blanks digital format for physical or electronic recordkeeping;
  • A detailed instruction sheet explaining how & when to use the form and how long to retain it.

Our attorney-reviewed form is designed to help employers:

  • Document each separate instance of absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Maintain accurate attendance records to support timekeeping, paid time off tracking, and any disciplinary action for violating attendance policies. 


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