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Five Facts About Personnel Concepts

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Personnel Concepts is the industry authority in federal and state labor law poster compliance products.

We've spent the past 30+ years developing new ways to help employers like you comply with the latest labor laws and safety regulations. From our innovative Space Saver All-On-One Posters to our workplace safety and HR recordkeeping products, we help protect your company from government fines, employee lawsuits, and other costly consequences associated with non-compliance.

We stay up to date to help you stay up to date. Our research and compliance teams possess many combined years of experience in the fields of human resource practices, labor and employment law, and workplace safety regulations. Our organization monitors and contacts more than 200 state and federal government agencies throughout the year -- including the DOL, the DHS, the EEOC, the IRS, the OSHA, the USCIS, and many others at the state and federal level -- to stay abreast of changing mandatory requirements and how they impact your business.

We are experts in helping you interpret the myriad regulatory laws surrounding workplace safety, disabilities, harassment, discrimination, labor law, minimum wage, and other regulations. As an industry leader, we pride ourselves on consistently being the first to communicate important regulatory changes and deliver simple, cost-effective but comprehensive solutions. To that end, we offer an extremely user-friendly web site that creates an online customer experience unparalleled in the industry.

We've happily served more than 1,200,000 businesses throughout the United States, and more importantly, we are entrusted by these very same businesses because we take their compliance seriously.

Personnel Concepts. Your Trusted Compliance Partner.

Why Personnel Concepts?

Our compliance is way too important to entrust to a fly-by-night company. After all, failure to comply with mandatory posting regulations can expose you to fines up to $35,000 per violation, costly employee lawsuits, and workers compensation actions.

That's why Personnel Concepts – the company that virtually invented the compliance poster industry by launching the All-On-One Poster in 1989 – offers our Five-Star Assurance of Quality…

The Industry’s Most Up-To-Date, Easy-To-Navigate Website:
We have streamlined the navigation process and implemented improved design and search technology to enhance each customer’s purchase experience. Our enriched search engine, extremely user-friendly product resources, and Compliance Checklist page let you find exactly what you’re looking for, with just a few clicks of your mouse.
A Commitment To Total Customer Satisfaction:
Our goal is to become your Human Resource Compliance Partner by providing you with personalized solutions to meet your business requirements. Our customer-centric attitude, combined with our commitment to competitive prices and outstanding products, is testimony to our dedication to you.
One Of The Most Experienced Research Teams In The Country:
You can count on our legal, research, and compliance experts to keep you up to date on changing mandatory requirements at up to 225 government agencies a year. Our team keeps track of even the most minute changes in the law so you won’t have to. We contact the agencies that enforce workplace requirements to ensure that our products are kept accurate and current.
Highly Trained Compliance Specialists:
Your Compliance Specialist has undergone extensive training in labor law compliance and customer service. We specialize in providing you with worry-free solutions.
Compliance Subscription Services:

Worry-Free Subscriptions from Personnel Concepts

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Unlike other companies who simply give you peel-and-post products, we provide you with a total solution. For 12 months from the start of your subscription, you will automatically receive updated panels to affix to your Labor Law Poster every time a change occurs. Our line-up of Compliance Service Subscription products provides a worry-free solution to the problem of always needing to update outdated posting materials.
'We Pay The Fine' Reimbursement Guarantee:
We give you more than just a 100% money-back guarantee. If, during the first year after purchasing one of our Labor Law Compliance Poster products, you are fined by a State or Federal agency for having an outdated poster, and we have failed to notify you by phone or mail of an update within 90 days of its publication, we will reimburse any fine imposed up to $35,000.
There’s too much at stake to simply rely on the cheapest poster. You want the most accurate, up-to-date, space-saving poster service from a company that stands behind it with the best guarantee in the industry. You can count on Personnel Concepts -- Your Trusted Compliance Partner.

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