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State and Federal Labor Law Poster - SS1


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Personnel Concepts' labor law posters are reviewed annually by attorneys to ensure accuracy and completeness and are kept up-to-date throughout the year by our compliance research team.

Personnel Concepts' state and federal labor law posters, which combine all your needs in one convenient display product, can solve your combined labor law poster requirements--and keep you updated and constantly in compliance.

State and federal laws impose numerous requirements and prohibitions on American businesses, but one of the most overlooked obligations for employers is the responsibility to conspicuously display various government labor law posters in the workplace. The purpose of these labor law posters is to inform employees of their rights under applicable laws and provide information on how to report discrimination, wage and hour violations and other rights infringements to the government.

While many employers do not readily embrace the idea of conspicuously posting information that tells their employees how to bring legal action against them, the obligation to display these notices is explicit in various labor laws and government regulations. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), for example, includes a provision requiring all covered employers to display the federal minimum wage poster in an area frequented by employees. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations specifically require employers to post a federal safety and health poster or a state equivalent.

Failure to comply with government labor law posting requirements could lead to citations and fines during an inspection. Fines vary by poster and by enforcing agency, ranging from as low as $110 up to a potential maximum of $10,000. In total, businesses that don’t post these required notices or post outdated information could face combined fines up to $17,000 per location.

Personnel Concepts is the nation's leading publisher of labor law compliance posters and related services, including our worry-free subscription updating services. Order now to ensure your compliance with posting requirements.

The Space Saver-1 All-On-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster:

The Space Saver 1 (SS1) All-On-One State and Federal Labor Law poster was pioneered by Personnel Concepts back in the 1980s, and its appearance virtually created the labor law compliance poster industry. The SS1 was--and remains so today--the standard by which all such posters are judged. The SS1 combines in one poster all the notification requirements of the various federal agencies governing workplace safety and health and labor law nationwide.

Each of the governing federal departments and agencies has its own mandatory posting requirements, and overlooking even one of them could lead to a fine of $17,000 (29 USC Sec. 666(i) and 29 USC Sec. 2005). The Personnel Concepts State and Federal Labor Law Poster is guaranteed to meet all the federal requirements of the Departments of Labor and Justice, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA).

In addition, states have their own varying notification requirements, so Personnel Concepts creates individual posters that incorporate all the current federal and state required postings into one poster for each state. For those seven states that also mandate labor law posters in English and Spanish, a Spanish language version is also available.

The experienced and knowledgeable customer service staff at Personnel Concepts stands ready to help you wade through all the requirements for the state where your business is located and will ask you a series of questions to ensure you're perfectly covered for all your legal needs.

Remember, each poster comes with Personnel Concepts' "We Pay the Fine" Guarantee, which warrants that our company will pay your fine so long as you keep your poster and side panels up to date using either our convenient subscription or by purchasing the updated panels as we alert you to their availability.

The All-On-One State and Federal Labor Law Poster includes all required state and federal labor law notices that employers are required to post to inform employees of their rights. So, when ordering, just select your state from the list provided to order this poster and/or see more information about state posting requirements.

Federal components include:

  • Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law
  • Employee Polygraph Notice
  • Federal Minimum Wage
  • Employee "Right to Know" Notice
  • USCIS DIscrimination Notice
  • Payday Notice
  • USERRA Rights Notice

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