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ADA Disability Discrimination Policy Poster

ADA Disability Discrimination Policy Poster

Fulfills notification requirements under the ADA and the new amendments to the Act

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Laminated FD-ADAAA-L $29.95
Unlaminated FD-ADAAA-U $15.95
Spanish Laminated FD-ADAAA-SL $29.95
Spanish Unlaminated FD-ADAAA-SU $15.95

Effective January 1st, 2009, all businesses with 15 or more employees must comply with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), which amended the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Under these laws, covered employers are prohibited from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities in the workplace, and must accomodate a disabled employee's condition unless such accomodation poses an undue hardship.

Among other provisions, the amendment overturns recent Supreme Court decisions and expands the definition of “disability” to allow more job applicants and employees than ever before to receive coverage under the law’s protections. Failure to abide by the provisions of the ADA and the ADAAA can result in penalties and damages up to $50,000 per complaint during an investigation or lawsuit.

Our 2009 ADA Disability Discrimination Policy Poster notifies affected individuals in the workplace that such discrimination is unlawful and that they have a right to request an accomodation for their disability in the workplace. This exclusive 11" x 17" policy poster is intended to fulfill notification requirements under the ADA and the new amendments to the Act, and establish a compliant policy for covered employers. It includes references to the ADA Amendments Act to help employees and job applicants understand their rights and obligations.

Available in Spanish as well.

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